Warm Star Fragment

Warm Star

Warm Star Fragment

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Fragment is a nine channel utility module, designed to provide the features you need, as you need them. It has four functions:

• Mixer

Any number of channels can be mixed together, in groups of adjustable size.

• Buffered Multiple

Signals can be sent to several destinations, with a different level adjustment for each.

• Attenuator

A single channel can be used to provide level adjustment of a throughput signal.

• Signal Amplifier

Multiple channels can be summed to provide amplitude multiplication of a throughput signal.

The application of these different functions is determined by how the module is patched - and how it is not patched.

• An empty In jack copies the signal from the jack above it.

• An empty Out jack mixes its signal into the jack below it.

In both cases, signals move down in a cascade until interrupted by a patch cable.