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Trogotronic M168 Eurorack Case


Please check back for more stock at a later date!

This used M178 case is fully functional and in excellent condition. 

Collier Series m/168 Euro-Modular Case is formidably robust in every part. Powerful worldwide 10,000 mA Power System, best rack hardware available on the planet & a nearly indestructible case.

  • 2 Rows of 84hp = 168hp Capacity
  • Twin-Pin Removable Case-Lid w/Finger Pulls
  • PREMIUM Swiss Rails
  • 10 Amp (10,000mA) Power System INCLUDED
  • Power Boards Accommodate Up To 30 Modules w/+12v, +5v & -12v
  • Triple Voltage Status Lamps for Power Board (+12v/+5v-12v)
  • Power System Works ANYWHERE ON EARTH
  • STANDARD Power System Supplies = Quick/Easy User Service
  • Around a dozen Stainless Module Mounting Screws INCLUDED