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SynthTech E352 Cloud Terrarium Black

SynthTech E352 Cloud Terrarium Black


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The E352 Cloud Terrarium, from Synthesis Technology, is a combination of two of their most popular VCOs, the E340 Cloud Generator, and the E350 Morphing Terrarium. It takes the wavetable capabilities of the Morphing Terrarium, and adds the "cloud" function which allows up to 8 slightly detuned versions of the same signal. The Cloud aspects provides immediately giant sounding waves as if one had 8 Morphing Terrariums. The E352 comes with all 192 original waves included on the E350, but also includes 3 user defined banks, which can hold up to 64 individual waves in an 8x8 matrix. The waves can be designed and loaded easily onto the module using a MicroSD card and the free WaveEdit application. 


  • User-defined wavetables loaded via microSD card
  • 16K color 240 x 320 TFT LCD display
  • Grayhill mil-spec optical encoder for data entry
  • 16-bit wavetables (versus 8-bit for the E350) for 5x lower noise & THD
  • Contains all 192 of the original E350 wavetables
  • LFO mode, variable Glitch Energy and other added features