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Synthesis Technology E350

Synthesis Technology E350

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The Synthesis Technology E350 is a 2-output wavetable VCO. There are 3 banks of 64 wavetables.
Each bank is arranged like a chessboard: there are 8 rows (the ‘X’ direction) and 8 columns (the ‘Y’ direction). Waves in a row tend to be alike, or will progress from ‘dark’ to ‘bright’ in timbre. The E350 has independent controls to index/select where in this array the DSP ‘scans’ the data to generate these 2 outputs. The DSP has sophisticated algorithms that smooth the 2 outputs into over 24,000 unique waves.
Since the E350 does not have built-in CV attenuators, you normally first attenuate a CV before plugging it into the E350. If you want to use a full-scale, -5V to +5V signal, the panel knob must be set straight up (’12:00 position’) or the internal voltage clamps will limit the swing. Remember, any applied CV to a jack is added to the position on the panel knob for that function. Overdriving a CV input may cause pitch changes.