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Synthesis 104 - Build a Seq Synth

Synthesis 104 - Build a Seq Synth


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*Class has sold out - Please email for the next available date* 

Class is on Sunday 10/21 @ 1pm at Switched On - Aprox. 2.5 hours. 

The Seq Synth is a new, patchable, DIY analog/digital synth by Bleep Labs. Developed for workshops in Angers, France during “Austin Week”, it’s an analog VCO with digital modulators in an easy to build breadboard package.

In this workshop, we’ll build this self-contained mini-modular synth, discuss basic DIY synthesis and breadboard building, and talk about modding and your next noise exploration steps.

This workshop is great for builders of all experience levels. No previous knowledge of circuits, code or synthesizer is required. There is no soldering in the kit. It’s all done on a breadboard.

It’s recommended you bring your own headphones but some will be provided.

You can check out all the instructions and schematics for the kit here.