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Switched On - Purple Audio LilPEQr 500 Series Program EQ

Purple Audio LilPEQr 500 Series Program EQ


Please check back for more stock at a later date!

This demo LilPEQr is fully functional and in excellent condition.

The Lang PEQ-1 and Klangfilm RZ062 were sought-after tube equalizers of the 1950s and '60s. Now you can juice your 500 Series rack with an updated (and considerably smaller) solid-state EQ inspired by these classics. The Purple Audio LilPEQr gives you unique, colorful, and dimensional richness and response reminiscent of those original units, while incorporating modern features and high-performance components. Use the LilPEQr to add heft, glue, and air to your mix; or optimize the sound of individual tracks. However you use it, you'll be glad you have the Purple Audio LilPEQr in your studio arsenal.