Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator

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Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator

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The Orgone accumulator is now available as a retail module, as well as DIY eurorack and CLee 4u versions.

The name was taken from a hawkwind song, as well as to poke fun at pseudoscience and mess up their web searches.

The Orgone accumulator module is a wavetable that blends across 3 oscillator channels, each with individual waveform and effect enable. there is a global modulator, which also has selectable waveform, frequency, and modes.

modulation modes are normal (a type of sync + AM) FM, and pulsar. the modulator can be fixed, or follow the pitch input.

on top of that, there are 7 effects available that have variation via the bipolar control and attenuverter CV. (for more detail, please see the manual link at the bottom) as well as the bonus drum voice.

The code is open source, available on github.

Differences between the Retail and DIY version.

  1. Mode status and effect indicated directly by LEDs rather than buttons being up/dn and binary effect readout;
  2. Momentary switches instead of latching;
  3. Select effect by pressing SEL, then the effect you want (rather than cycling through);
  4. CV control of the 3 main wave selectors and the mod wave selector;
  5. 4 layer modern PCB with SMD parts, slightly less noise;
  6. Reverse power protection on connector;
  7. More efficient regulator;
  8. You will need a separate programmer to modify firmware, so DIY firmware tinkerers need to keep that in mind (NOTE - these are not very expensive, its just a USB jack and IC with a bootloader that connects to a header on the back);
  9. Can be powered through programmer USB and synth either or both.