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Motion Sound KBR-3D Rotary Keyboard Amp

Regular price $499.00

This used KBR-3D is fully functional and in very good condition. 

The KBR-3D sounds fantastic, and it gives you a ton of control over your sound. It sports a 12AX7 in its preamp stage, letting you dial between squeaky-clean and crunchy tube overdrive - and all points in between. You also get a contour control (4-7khz) that lets you emulate the frequency response of vintage rotary speakers. The Post Gain pot controls the volume of the rotary horns and low-rotor simulator. The Stereo simulator is mixed into the Hi-Fidelity channels. Two microphones are built in with level controls mixed into the XLR line outputs. It all adds up to one stunning keyboard amp!

Motion Sound KBR-3D Mechanical Rotary Speaker System Features:

  • Two 10" speakers; two 3.5" ferro-cooled horns
  • 80-watt MS 1.2 rotary-horn driver
  • Stereo low-rotor simulator for fat, punchy low end
  • Two stereo channels: Hi-Fidelity (synths, pianos, etc.) and Rotary (organ)
  • Two pairs of 1/4" inputs with separate volumes plus global 3-band EQ
  • Fast/Slow/Stop rotary speed control 2-button footswitch (included)
  • Bass, horn volume, and effect level controls
  • Two microphones on rotary horn, rear panel mixer to outputs
  • 1/4" rear-panel power amp line inputs
  • XLR L/R outputs include all signals for PA feed
  • Curb weight: a manageable 70 pounds!