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Moog Realistic MG-1 Modified

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This fully functional Moog MG-1 is in excellent condition, and has a number of modifications performed in-house, in addition to brand new sliders and full calibration.

The MG-1 is essentially a redesigned Moog Rogue with a few extra features. It was marketed by Radio Shack in the early 1980's. It is a fully featured monophonic synthesizer, with a built in polyphonic square wave organ.


  • 3 Position LFO range switch (H/M/L)
  • Octave range switch
  • LFO/ENV to OSC2 frequency (Mod Level controlled by Contoured Cutoff slider)
  • OSC 1 pulse width control
  • OSC 1 to filter FM
  • 1/4" Audio Output jack (main mixer out)
  • 1/4" Independent Poly output
  • 1/4" Audio Input jack (pre-filter)
  • 1/4" Filter CV IN