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Mackie HR626 Studio Monitors (Pair)

Regular price $999.00

This used pair of HR626's is fully functional and in very good condition. 

Mackie's HR626 follows on from the HR824 and HR624 to further expand the company's range of active monitors. It employs the same design principles as these earlier models in most respects, but also utilises the so-called D'Appolito driver layout, named after Dr Joseph D'Appolito, who championed this particular geometry. As I understand it, if the speakers are arranged so that a single tweeter sits directly between two identical bass/mid-range drivers and in line with their centres, the topology qualifies as D'Appolito. This particular design has one 6.7-inch woofer at each end of the baffle with a one-inch dome tweeter set centrally within a cast-aluminium waveguide designed to match the dispersion characteristics of the drivers at the crossover point. The monitors measure 8.8 x 19.6 x 12.4 inches and weigh 31lbs each, so they're fairly compact.