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Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer (Custom Modded)


Please check back for more stock at a later date!

This Knas is fully functional and in very good condition.

This unit has been modded with:

switches -  more gain, resonance bubble, resonance limiter, lfo speed, filter pre/post reverb. 

knob - feedback

Basically, the Ekdahl Moisturizer is a spring reverb where the springs are exposed so they can be played/hit/fiddled with. As well as being capable of creating sound in itself, you can of course also play sound through the springs like a regular spring reverb - this makes for happy-fun-time finger-modulation of the reverb on whatever audio that's going through it. On top of this there's an analog multimode filter that can be used to attenuate or exaggerate certain frequencies in the sound, this is real handy while playing the springs as you can - for instance - cut all the highs and just make thunderous doomy sounds or do the opposite; cut all the lows and make that ear piercing high frequency special love. Also, it incorporates an LFO that's internally routable to the filter and that also has some external routing-stuff. The Ekdahl Moisturizer has tons of CV / Expression pedal options on the back for even more hilarious moments. The Moisturizer is a mono unit. 

More info from Knas here.