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Kenton Modular Solo

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High specification Eurorack Modular MIDI to CV converter for Eurorack A100 format modular systems.

  • Power consumption +12V supply 85mA max / −12V supply 3mA
  • CV & Gate jumper selectable to send on system bus
  • MIDI In & Out on DIN sockets
  • MIDI Out can be switched to give DIN Sync 24 instead
  • Analogue output CV on 3.5mm mono jack (V/oct or Hz/V or 1.2V/oct)
  • Gate on 3.5mm mono jack (Gate or S-trig – with or without pullups)
  • Aux1,2,3,4 on 3.5mm mono jack (all continuously variable) 
  • 2x independent clock outs on 3.5mm mono jack