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Joe Meek VC3 Pro Channel V2.02

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This used VC3 is fully functional and in very good condition. Comes with PSU. 

Made in England by Fletcher.

From Joe Meek:

The JOEMEEK PROCHANNEL is an input conditioner. A microphone or musical instrument preamplifier designed to bridge the gap between the performing musician and the recording studio. It has been designed specially to be easy to operate, yet will give the finest professional 'glitter' to the sound; but without hours of tweaking knobs and switches with unrecognisable names! QUALITY AND BIG SOUNDS It's my theory that 'big' sounds can only be produced if the lower frequencies in an input amplifier are kept absolutely flat and under control. To achieve this, the JOEMEEK PROCHANNEL has an extended frequency range down well below 20Hz. This ensures that there are no sudden phase shifts in the low end. The proof of the theory is that it sounds great!