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Intellijel Mutamix

Intellijel Mutamix


Please check back for more stock at a later date!

This Mutamix mk 1 is fully functional and in great condition.

The unique configuration of the Mutamix allows it to function as much more than an Audio/CV mixer, opening up possibilities for sequential switching, complex modulation routing, voice allocation or hocketing, step sequencing, or combinations of all of the above!

  • 6 Linear LED sliders for input attenuation control.
  • 6 Audio/cv inputs.
  • 6 Mute/function inputs.
  • 6 Three-way bus routing switches.
  • 6 control buttons.
  • 3 Audio/CV BUS outputs with attenuators on A and C.
  • Header to normal Linix output to the 6 inputs.
  • skiff friendly.