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Erica Synths Black Dual VCF

Erica Synths Black Dual VCF

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This Black Dual VCF is fully functional and in excellent condition.

Black VCF, from Erica Synths, is a dual multimode filter for eurorack modular synthesizers. Its cutoff and resonance parameters are both remotely controllable thanks to their CV jacks, so users have plenty of options when it comes to sonic sculpting. Additionally, the core of the filter is a AS3320 chip that grants the utmost stability and efficiency.

Black VCF can be configured as a dual VCF or as two separate filters, each with LP/BP/HP outputs. There’s also a 16-band spectrum analyzer for precise visual indication of whatever signal is present at the summing output.


  • Dual multimode VCFs
  • Simultaneous LP, BP, and HP outputs
  • Sum output
  • CV jacks for cutoff and resonance parameters
  • CV attenuverters
  • Link switch allows both filters to be controlled with a single cutoff or resonance knob
  • 16-band spectrum analyzer
  • Skiff friendly