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Ensoniq ESQ-1

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This vintage ESQ-1 is fully functional and in great condition.

The ESQ-1 is an affordable and powerful digital synthesizer, released in 1986. The waveforms are digital, but the filters are all analog! It has many of the hallmark features of analog synthesis, such as a ring modulator, sequencer, and oscillator-sync. The envelopes and LFOs are can be routed to each DCO, VCA and or VCF. Modulation routing is very flexible, allowing for very interesting and advanced sound design.  There are 40 onboard slots for making your own patches and you can expand that with a memory cartridge. There is a large and easy to navigate screen, making the ESQ-1 very easy to edit, compared to other digital synths of this era.

The ESQ-1 has unique voice architecture. You can choose from analog, digital, or ROM samples in any combination, using the three independent oscillators per voice. Once you start editing on the ESQ-1, you will come up with interesting and unique results. Using dynamic voice allocation you can seamlessly switch from 8-voices of analog to 8-voices of digital or sampled voices. This gives you a wide array of different sonic building blocks.  The sequencer can store up to 24,000 notes in 30 sequences and 10 songs.