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Encore Expressionist

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This Expressionist is fully functional and in great condition.  Includes power supply.

The Expressionist is a professional, eight channel MIDI-CV converter. It is the most capable MIDI to control voltage converter on the market. The high resolution D/A converter gives the finest resolution for real control of your equipment. No more zipper noise like you've seen in other products.

The Expressionist offers eight complete channels of control voltage. This means you can connect a greater number of analog modules without having to purchase a handful of one and two channel converters. A channel consists of a 1/4" control voltage jack, and a 1/4" trigger jack. Each channel has available pitch bend, four modulations, four LFOs, six octave transpose, two types of portamento, voltage offset and tracking, and trigger polarity. The trigger jacks can be programmed to be a Positive Gate for triggering synthesizers such as Roland, ARP, and Oberheim. The triggers can also be programmed as S-Triggers for Moog synthesizers.

The Expressionist supports both types of control voltage: Volts/Octave and Hertz/Volt on every channel! The first type is most popular and is used by Oberheim, Moog, Korg and others. The second type is used by early Korg, Yamaha, and others.

There are four global LFO that reside in the Expressionist. Each LFO can be modulated by different sources on different MIDI channels. These can then be mixed in various ways within each CV channel. The four modulation sources can be note position, velocity, aftertouch, or any of the standard MIDI controllers. The Expressionist also has a Roland compatible DIN SYNC output connector to allow MIDI clock to run your pre-MIDI drum machines and other devices.