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Drawmer Three-Sum

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This used Drawmer Three-Sum is fully functional and in very good condition. 

The Drawmer THREE-SUM opens up a whole new set of options allowing the engineer to split the audio into two or three bands and apply his or her own sonic signature to each part of the audio bandwidth.

Drawmer THREE-SUM Processor at a Glance:

  • The benefits of multi-band dynamics processing
  • Variable threshold brick-wall limiting
  • Effective for both mastering and track processing
  • Applicable in high-end mastering facilities and project studios alike

The benefits of multi-band dynamics processing
The benefits of multi-band processing, with the ability to apply different parameters to different sections of the audio bandwidth have been apparent to sound engineers for quite some time. However, "locking in" your audio to any one specific multi-band unit can vastly reduce your creative options. The desired combination of processing to deal with low-frequency energy, the vocal midrange and high-frequency detail and enhancement is not necessarily available from any one manufacturer. The Drawmer THREE-SUM is the answer.