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Doepfer A-101-3

Doepfer A-101-3

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This A-101-3 is fully functional and in MINT condition.  This item is New Old Stock but no longer has its original box.

Module A-101-3 is a vactrol-infused 12 stage phase shifter. The module is inherently flexible in ways that set it apart from other eurorack phasers. Users have access to every input and output stage, opening up the doors to an array of filtering possibilities and varying degrees of feedback generation. Adding to this versatility is separate phase shift controls for two groups of stages alongside two polarizers for taming feedback loops.

  • 2 independent 6 stage phase shifters
  • Each phase shift state contains an audio output and feedback input
  • Capable of generating multiple free feedback loops
  • Two polarizers for taming unruly feedback