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DinSync Sara VCF

DinSync Sara VCF

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Dual Opposing Core SVF

The Sara VCF is a fully voltage controlled state variable filter with dual “opposing” self oscillating cores. The tone capabilities can range from delicate to outrageous and all stops in between. Everything from classic vintage twin filter setups, oscillator into filter (quasi-lpg), self oscillation and formant style soundscapes.

The Sara VCF does well both in classic duties and experimental sounds (just try self patching the state control from one of the core outs). With CV over every control the modulation possibilities open the palette of sound even further.
Each core features: Control voltage for cutoff -12/+12v Control voltage for Q 0/+5v Control voltage for State 0/+5v (shared) Self oscillation, tracking 1v/oct for around 4 octaves

Key features:
Dual “opposing” cores where each core is a mirror state of the other: When one core’s state is swept fully low pass the other core is fully high pass Control voltage for state works well into audio range

Additional features:
Eight simultaneous outputs from various stages of routing Core two input is normalled from core one notch output Can also be used as two independent filters Each core has a slightly different input/output response