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Digital Music Corp The Funnel Midi Input Selector

Digital Music Corp The Funnel Midi Input Selector


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This Funnel is fully functional and in great condition.

The Funnel is a 6x1 (six inputs/one output) midi input selector that can be used either as a stand alone unit or a midi patchbay expansion module to route data from sound generators to a computer for system exclusive applications. Four of the Funnel's inputs are auto selectable, allowing data to be routed automatically from one active input at a time.

An LED indicator is provided for each of the auto select inputs to identify which one is active. Now, users no longer have to manually route data from sound sources such as tone modules and samplers to perform system exclusive "dumps". In addition to the four auto selectable inputs, the Funnel has two individually selectable inputs for midi controller devices. It requires no external power for operation.