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Cynthia RanDivide

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This RanDivide is fully functional and in great condition.

"RanDivide is a creative combination of Ken's Voltage Controlled "Divide by N" Frequency Divider circuit and his clock driven Digital Noise and Random Pulse Generator!

A wide variety of interesting "Noise" effects and random timing events are possible when varying the frequency of the incoming clock. This useful combination of two completely different types of circuits allows the use of the Divider section output as the incoming clock for the Digital Noise Section!

The Divider will divide the frequency of an input as much as 60 times down in "pitch" in proportion to the level of the incoming control voltage. The PULSE output is symmetrical, while the alternate PWM Output jack preserves whatever duty-cycle is present in the incoming clock, (This allows the further use of phase timing throughout your patches).

If you really want to get crazy, you can also use the random timing pulses of the Digital Noise section as the input to the Frequency Divider section instead! RanDivide adds many new capabilities to your system with a single module!"