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Bubblesound SEM20 VCF

Bubblesound SEM20 VCF


Please check back for more stock at a later date!

This used SEM20 VCF is fully functional and in great condition. 

The SeM20 is a 2 pole state variable filter loosely based on the Oberheim SEM's filter with the resonance section of the MS20 grafted on for extra bit of grit.

It won't self oscillate, usually, but with an input, or the High Pass out plugged into the Input, it will howl. The Input section is set up much like the input of the OSCar, when the input is at 5 it's full volume. Beyond 5 the filter will begin to overdrive and distort.

12db high pass, low pass and notch filter 6db band pass 2 cv frequency inputs with attenuators notch filter balance sweeps between high and low pass width: 14hp current draw: 70mA