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Blind Monk Modular Harmonic Multiplier

Blind Monk Modular Harmonic Multiplier

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The harmonic multiplier is an all analog harmonic generator and wave shaper. Capable of creating unique and complex tones, it takes an audio input from a triangle wave oscillator and multiplies the frequency up to seven time. It can process other audio signals as well. There is a built in distortion circuit for additional timbres. Input two oscillators and get a variety of ring modulation sounds. Feedback is available for even more tones and harmonics.

// eurorack format, all analog circuitry

// individual knobs and outputs for each of the harmonics

// six stages of wave folding

// distortion circuit for thick pulse width sounds and sync like tones

// feedback cabable of creating crunchy digital sounding harmonics

// input control voltages for wave symmetry, chorus like effects, and feedback tone control

// can also be used as a two channel mixer