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Beast Tek Dirty Glitch VCO

Beast Tek Dirty Glitch VCO


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This Dirty Glitch is fully functional and in great condition.

The DirtyGlitch is a high experimental VCO harnessing grain table synthesis driven through dual glitch engines to produce sounds. The first 90 patches attempt to be more musical like a contemporary VCO .. make sure the delay (CLK RATE knob on these patches) is in the centre position to access all of the available tones.

The Following 910 patches are just outright bizarre, containing various clock, internal step-sequence and LFO / knob based modulations and weirdness as per the patch list. Aside from use as a VCO, Dirty Glitch can be used as a highly interesting modulation source or can produce some really kick-ass unusual percussion sounds in conjunction with a VCA.