AQA Elektrix UP73R-VCO

AQA Elektrix

AQA Elektrix UP73R-VCO

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Ramp-core based VCO with simultaneous rising/falling sawtooth, triangle, sine and pulse waveforms.

This is a very good sounding VCO. The oscillator core is a ramp wave, the VCO generates five waves simultaneously, features linear FM, three selectable frequency ranges and a ten-turn potentiometer for super exact tuning.

A highlight of this oscillator module is the flexible sync. A very unusual feature is the possibility to set the synchronisation Threshold, allowing for a smooth transition from no sync over soft sync to hard sync which generates really extraordinary harmonic structures. Surprisingly this parameter is voltage controllable and the input is even equipped with a polarizer.
The combination of simultaneous modulation of pulse width and sync threshold brings forth very interesting results which you certainly haven’t heard before.


Ramp Core VCO with rising/falling sawtooth, pulse, triangle and sine waveshape outputs

  •  V/Oct. CV input for exponential frequency modulation
  • 2x exponential modulation CV input with manual controllable amount
  • Input for linear frequency modulation
  • manual controllable amount of frequency modulation
  • Synchronisation input
  • voltage controlled continuous threshold of synchronisation (no sync soft sync hard sync core lock)
  • polarized attenuator for voltage controlled continuous threshold of synchronisation
  • manual and voltage controlled pulse width modulation
  • high frequency range, switchable between overlapping low, mid and high pitch areas
  • tune: 10-turn precision potentiometer with scale knob


  • 16HP wide
  • current draw: 40mA at +12V and 35mA at -12V