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Analogue Solutions Nyborg

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This used Nyborg 24 is fully functional and in excellent condition.

Key Nyborg Features:

  • Full rugged steel/aluminium case – no plastic mouldings.

  • Hand built in Great Britain.

  • Good quality smooth potentiometers, fully sealed against dust

  • Good quality knobs with spun aluminium caps

  • High grade double sided circuit board

  • High Quality 16bit DAC for MIDI-CV conversion

  • Very stable MIDI to CV

  • Very stable analogue oscillators

  • Hand built by humans

  • True retro analogue voice and modulation circuits to give an authentic retro sound


Nyborg 12/24 Differences-

12 = has the Telemark synth’s “oberheim SEM” style filter

24= has the Leipzig synth’s “Moog” style filter