Addac System 208 Comparator & Rectifier


Addac System 208 Comparator & Rectifier

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A Comparator is an electronic circuit that compares two voltages and switches its output to indicate which is larger. The Comparator operates between -10 or +10V The Output is always -10V if below Threshold and +10V if above Threshold.
A Rectifier is an electronic circuit that is used to transform AC signals to an equivalent DC signal while removing one of it’s polarities, i.e. Positive rectification excludes negative signals and vice-versa.
Both sections can be used to change the shape of any waveform as well as its harmonic content.

  • 1 Comparator Threshold Knob
  • 1 Comparator Jack Output
  • 2 Comparator Monitor Led1 Common Signal Jack Input
  • 4 Rectificated Outputs


  • 4HP totally analog module.
  • Comparator with Threshold Knob
  • 4 Precision Rectificated Outputs::
  •    - Positive Half Rectification
  •    - Positive Full Rectification
  •    - Negative Half Rectification
  •    - Negative Full Rectification