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Guide to Packing

During our time as a business, we have had the pleasure of shipping and receiving amazing sound design tools worldwide. Occasionally when we receive an item it has suffered cosmetic damage or functionality is lost due to insufficient packing.

It breaks our synth-loving hearts to see this happen and we wanted to give an example of how to package an item to protect it from the hardships of shipping. It seems simple but this is overlooked more than you think! This also demonstrates how well Switched On packs things to ensure the safe arrival of your recently purchased item.

Also, always remember to contact us before shipping an item to Switched On.

1. Size your box correctly. Use a cardboard box. Here we are shipping an Ensoniq Fizmo valued at around $1,200.00. We need to ensure that there are at least 3-4 inches of space between the item and the inside of the box on all dimensions. 2. Wrap all sides of the device in 3-4 layers of bubble wrap (Preferably the large bubble wrap) and have extra wrapping on any knobs, keys, or any fragile bits that could snap off if dropped or rolled. Also, make sure to wrap accessories well as to make sure they are not rattling around in the box. 3. Here is a comparison of the constructed box and the wrapped Fizmo to help gauge how much space you should allow for extra packing. 4. If possible create extra "panels" to help reinforce the structure of the box. 5. Pack as tightly as possible with peanuts, newspaper, extra bits of bubble wrap, etc.  6. Add an endcap where shipping personnel might be resting the box. We used foam here. 7. Close it, tape all edges and seams thoroughly and voila. Imagine picking up an item over your head, dropping it, and being confident nothing is damaged.  Switched On re-uses as much packing material as possible to help out our pal the Earth. We encourage you to do the same!