Kilpatrick Audio K3020 Dual VCO

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Kilpatrick Audio K3020 Dual VCO

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The K3200 Dual VCO is a state-of-the-art dual analog voltage controlled oscillator that is both musically and technically superb. The design is optimized for great sound and playability for both tonal and experimental music. Both channels also function as excellent LFOs capable of generating interesting modulating voltages. Dual independent power supplies provide clean power separately to each channel for improved stability. Each VCO core is comprised of a monolithic VCO chip which provides sine, triangle and ramp waves with excellent linearity and low distortion and high-end matched transistors are used for good CV volt/octave tracking. Internal factory-trimmed adjustments are provided for CV volt/octave and high tracking on each channel.
Control and Signal Routing

By offering waveform and mode adjustments through computer-controlled analog signal routing as well as internal VCA-based mixing circuits, noise-free switching and blending between waveforms is possible. All modes are shown with LEDs on the front panel, and the current frequency of each VCO is displayed on an LCD readout. The use of computer control over the signal routing means that audio signals never pass through the front panel.
Input and Outputs

Inputs are provided on each channel for CV (volt/octave) and FM tuning inputs, PWM and blend CV inputs for driving the wave shaping stages, and a sync input for hard sync effects. Outputs are provided for both the blend circuit output as well as a dedicated pulse output of only the PWM and pulse shaping sections. Two special outputs are provided that contain signals from both channels. The wave mix output offers only the wave signals from each channel, and the XOR output provides a digital multiplication of both channels which works similar to a ring modulator, but outputs square waves.
Cross Modulation Capabilities

In addition to offering two very capable independent VCOs, the cross modulation section allows control of VCO2 from VCO1. Cross mod controls allow pitch, PWM and blend mixing modulation, and the internal PLL and SYNC circuits allow the VCO2 oscillator to be controlled by VCO1 in a variety of different ways without requiring external patch cables. With only an audio output cable attached, an enormous variety of experimental sound possibilities exist. As part of a complete modular system the possibilities are virtually endless.