Addac System 800X High-End Outputs


Addac System 800X High-End Outputs

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The ADDAC800x High-End Outputs brings the functionality of a high-quality DI box into a modular setup. Offering unmatched noise reduction, it provides galvanic electrical isolation between the modular and external sound sources preventing ground hum and impedance mismatch.

The audio transformers perform signal balancing and high-to-low impedance conversion. Two coils of insulated wire wound around a magnetic core allow for the inputs and outputs to not touch physically and provides excellent electrical isolation. Each of the transformer outputs features a switch for amplification or attenuation marked +6dB/-10dB and a lift/float/gnd switch, which selects the reference for the ground point. These are helpful for further reducing ground hum and can be selected depending on the situation.

The 800x also features a headphone amplifier with left and right inputs. With nothing patched into the right input or with the switch in the left position, the left input will be present in both outputs.
  • High-quality XLR and headphone output module
  • Superior audio transformers help eliminate ground hum and electrical interference
  • Selectable ground reference
  • Output level selection
  • Headphone amp with volume and stereo input