Addac System 705 Stinggy Filter

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Addac System 705 Stinggy Filter

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The ADDAC705 Stinggy Filter is a multi-mode filter inspired by the filter found in the EDP Wasp. It features input gain, resonance, and cut off controls with CV input and attenuator for the cut off. Individual outputs for lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch filters types are available and a main output that uses a rotary switch to select which filter type is active. The main output features a distortion circuit that adds a new level of harmonic interest to the output. Unlike the original Wasp filter, the 705’s resonance goes up to self-oscillation. The resonance depth switch, clipping circuit, and distortion controls all affect how the resonance behaves. A switch can also select the phase polarity of the main output which is useful when mixing the main output with the individual outputs and can cause phase cancellation.

  • Multi-mode filter based on EDP Wasp
  • CV control for cutoff with attenuator
  • Resonance goes up to self oscillation
  • Diode clipping and distortion switches to add more grit to the filtered signal
  • Individual filter type outputs plus selectable main output