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TL Audio Valve Pre-Amp

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This Valve Pre-amp is fully functional and in good condition.

The best selling PA-2 is the world's first truly serious affordable valve pre amp
and inherits it's outstanding performance from TL Audio's industry standard C1
Compressor and EQ-1 Equaliser, with which it shares the same pre amp
design. As you would expect, the PA-2 delivers a warm , clean and
exceptionally quiet sound. A phase reverse switch on channel B allows
correction of phase problems when stereo miking , and a variable brightness
peak LED indicates the threshold of valve compression. Not content with just
providing a high quality microphone pre amp , we have also included a dual
sensitivity instrument input so that keyboards , guitars , bass guitars and any
line level source can all benefit from the deep , expansive sound that has
become our trademark. The PA-2 is a free standing unit with rack ears and feet
supplied as standard - making it equally at home in a rack , or positioned on
the floor in the playing area.

The new PA-2 now incorporates an output pad switch, a loop-through output
and a rear panel earth lift switch - three new refinements that enhance it's role
as an instrument DI unit, and re-affirms the PA-2 as the most flexible
dedicated valve pre amp currently available.

The PA-2 features the acclaimed TL Audio low noise solid state microphone
pre amp followed by two valve stages per channel. The instrument input
bypasses the initial pre amp stage and feeds directly into the first valve stage.
In common with other TL Audio units , ECC83 / 12AX7A valves are utilised ,
run from a stabilised 250v DC power supply. This combination of solid state
and valve circuitry yields exceptional performance: -127dBu EIN noise and a
frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz (-3dB points at 5Hz and 70kHz).

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