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Muse Research Receptor VIP


Please check back for more stock at a later date!

This used Receptor VIP is fully functional and in excellent condition. 

First released in 2005, the Receptor hardware player makes it possible to run virtual instruments and plug-in effects outside of a computer. If that sounds like heresy, consider the advantages: computers aren't designed for stage use or road travel, are susceptible to vibration unless fitted with an SSD drive, often have fiddly AC adaptors and require a separate MIDI interface. The Receptor, on the other hand, dispenses with annoying 'wall wart' cables, has built-in MIDI as standard and can be securely screwed into a rack for stage use and touring. In other words, it functions like a piece of pro audio equipment.

The Receptor VIP is a joy to play, with no discernible latency. Its audio quality is superb: the 24-bit/48kHz samples are beautifully clean, the frequency range sounds full and natural, and there's not a hint of noise.

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