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This VX2 is fully functional and in great condition.  It includes its shock stand, power supply, and power cable.

The VX2 was a dual-tube, multipattern large-diaphragm microphone manufactured in the US by CAD. Two headbasket/capsule assemblies were included, offering two designs and sonic colors within one mic.

  • Dual valve design (separate tube head amp and tube output circuits)
  • Dual custom wound nickle core humbucking output transformers
  • Large capsule with 1.25'' diameter, 3 micron thick gold sputterd diaphragms (Exclusive CAD Optema™ Series)
  • Multi-pattern (Cardioid, Figure 8, and Omnidirectional)
  • Heavy duty analog power supply
  • Digital 24 bit output option with 120dB dynamic range and sampling rates up to 96Khz
  • Detatchable capsule/screen assembly for optional capsules with alternate frequency responces
  • 8 and 16dB non-capacitive pad
  • 80Hz high pass filter
  • includes ZM-2 shock mount


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